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 CALENDAR 2014-2015 

Ganon is open daily from 8:00-17:00 and from 8:00-14:00 on Fridays & the eve of Jewish holidays.

Ganon is closed on Finnish legal holidays.                                                                                      


24. Erev Rosh Hashana. Ganon until 14:00
25-26. Rosh Hashana. No school


8. Erev Sukkot. Ganon until 14:00
9-10. Sukkot. No school
15. Hoshana Rabba. Ganon until 14:00
16-17. Shemini Atzeret, Simchat Torah. No school 


6-10. Pesach. No school 


5. Shavuot. No school 


Last week of May will be the Ganon Spring Party.

The Thursday before Midsummer is the last day of Ganon.  



*These “legal school holidays” are meant for children who are school age. Being that many parents who have school children age take a vacation as well, we have specified that THERE WILL BE day care, we would just like to be informed if children wont attend.


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Upcoming Events
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