Activities and Adventures

A Family Affair
A special event for the entire family is scheduled for the last day of camp.

Creative Hands / Crafts
Camp Gan Israel’s innovative arts and crafts teach the children to be creative and imaginative. The crafts incorporate various themes in Jewish life as well as fun and useful projects. Campers are sure to proudly look back at the craft of their own hands well after the summer is over.

Lights, Camera, Action!
Comedy skits, talent shows, and auction days are just a few of the programs that challenge the children to develop their innate talents.

CGI on the Go Fieldtrips
Gan Israel holds regular "trip days" which include theme parks, nature hiking, rock climbing and more. These exciting adventures allow our children to really show their true CGI spirit.

Weekly Trips to great places, such as:

  • To be posted

All trips are supervised by camp personnel.

Extra staff will accompany campers.