Ganon Chaya Day Care Center

“Ganon” was opened in Helsinki, Finland to serve the needs of the growing Jewish population and its interest in giving the children the opportunity to learn about their Jewish heritage. Ganon is an affectionate name from the Hebrew word “gan” – “garden”. Our goal was to create an emotionally- safe environment where our children feel empowered to explore ideas, skills and understanding of self, where they can blossom, flourish and grow to make the world around them a more beautiful place.

Our mission is shaped by:

  • Jewish values
  • An appreciation and respect for the child’s natural stages of development
  • The belief that children build knowledge through personal experiences
  • The recognition that the years of early childhood possess within them the capacity for life-long habits, behaviors and attitudes
  • The belief that each child possesses a unique inner voice that needs to be heard and encouraged by both the child and by those around him.

We work together as a team including our children, their families and our teachers- towards reaching this goal.

We are aiming to welcome preschoolers, from ages 1-3.
Call us to talk about making this place where your child will grow, thrive, learn and love.


“Educate a child to his way, and when he is old he will not depart from it”. (King Solomon)

Only in recent years, have started to realize the true significance of that simple phrase, “according to his way.”

It is now commonly accepted that not all children learn at the same pace or in the same manner. The incredible wide range of learning styles among children tells us that as educators we have to provide a rich variety of experiences in order for all children to thrive.

As teachers, we strive to provide an environment that is emotionally secure and safe, where every child feels unique and loved, and which promotes independence by offering choices and allowing the child to take initiative.

We believe in active learning, in encouraging children to manipulate materials, to use their senses to investigate, to explore by hands-on experience, and to search for answers to satisfy their curiosity.

The classroom is planned to include a wide variety of open ended activities and materials so that children can learn in their own way and at their own pace and individual level. We strive to highlight the unique strengths of every child, and to help each one become an independent thinker as well as a group player.

Children learn best by firsthand experience, and these experiences are the basis for new knowledge and growth. Family, Community and Culture are, by nature, important to young children; their experiences in school allow them to make sense of their world and to further develop their perceptions.

Reaching Our Educational Goals

Incorporating learning centers into our classroom provides an environment of choice and opportunity.

Art, science, blocks, holiday, dramatic play, writing, and math/manipulative learning centers are some of the stations in the space of Ganon. Additionally the cozy-corner provides an area dedicated to books and quiet, individual time. All learning centers are amply stocked with fun, modern, educational material. Designed to reflect the various classroom themes presently being explored.

Integrating every learning style into the Ganon’s curriculum provides each child with the tools they need to succeed. Creative movement, music and drama enrich the classroom. Through these and other activities the children learn, develop and grow. Special visitors to our classroom, including doctors, musicians and artists, and an exciting schedule of field trips give the children special access to the world around them.

Exposing children to a rich and meaningful Jewish heritage gives them a deep appreciation of their history. Hebrew language and alphabet instruction combined with music and dance, Torah stories, Jewish holidays and traditions offer the most opportune learning experience.

Monthly emails encourage family involvement. By offering information on current classroom learning themes as well as important announcements, Ganon’s emails are an essential part to good parent-teacher communication. Working together, we can maximize every child’s learning potential. As the year progresses in the Ganon Preschool learning arena, children are given the opportunity to develop and reach their educational goals.


Professional, dedicated and loving. These words speak volumes about the team expected at Ganon Preschool. A carefully selected staff ensures an optimal pre-school experience for every child.

Equipped experience, we strive to respond to the individual needs of each child. Our staff creates an atmosphere which ensures both cognitive and emotional growth. Founding and Executive Director Ita Wolff brings to Ganon Preschool her years of education and teaching experience. Her deep and caring feeling for children is apparent to all. As the mother of five, she is keenly aware of the needs of both parents and children. The Ganon curriculum has developed out of Ita’s continuous studies and research of children and her education in the field of Early Childhood Education.