Your child's first experience can set the tone for life!
Ganon Chaya Day Care
Ganon Chaya Day Care was opened in Finland to serve the needs of the growing Jewish population. Gan, is the Hebrew word for “garden”. Our goal is to create an emotionally-safe learning environment where our children feel empowered to explore ideas, skills and an understanding of self; where they can blossom, flourish and grow to make the world around them a more beautiful place.
Our mission is shaped by:
  • Jewish values
  • An appreciation and respect for the child’s nature stages of development
  • The belief that children build knowledge through personal experiences
  • The recognition that the years of early childhood possess within them the capacity for life-long habits, behaviors and attitudes.
  • The belief that each child possesses a unique inner voice that needs to be heard and encouraged by both the child and by those around him.

We work collaboratively – our children, their families, and our teachers – towards meeting this mission.

Call us to talk about making this the place where your child will grow, thrive, learn and love.

Ganon, we’re the growing school; Come grow with us!