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Community & Family

Insights and inspiration for the routines and struggles of daily life: commentary on current events and contemporary issues, articles on parenting and relationships, and more.

The mystery and the mysticism of raising children
Mothers and fathers tell of the love and the pain, the joy and the fears, the wisdom and the faith, the mystery and the mysticism of raising children.
Love. Marriage. Divorce.
What is love? How do I find my soulmate? What is Jewish marriage all about? What is the Jewish view on divorce?
Money & Personal Finance
The Economy: Surviving and surmounting the current financial crunch
With the current financial downturn, it is time for a return to basics; to the wealth we always had, but perhaps didn’t sufficiently appreciate.
Jewish News
Featuring a variety of news from the global village of Chabad-Lubavitch. Stop by daily!
The Jewish Woman
The Jewish Woman is a site dedicated to providing Jewish women of all backgrounds intellectually challenging, emotionally uplifting and inspirationally stimulating articles.
Jewish Food
Thousands of kosher recipes at your fingertips.
Check out the "Kids Zone" featuring fascinating and engaging games, activities, stories and more on Jewish holidays and other Jewish topics, geared towards children.
Yom Kippur

The Day of Atonement

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Ganon Chaya

Connecting Jewish kids with each other


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